Exterior Elevation site render

Oil Nut Bay Ridge Villa #4

Client: Deep Bay Green Corporation
Location: Oil Nut Bay, North Sound, Virgin Gorda
Date: 2010
Area: 5,000 sq. ft. approx.

The concept is derived from the flow of water, which is integral to the design. This villa is made up of several pods, which, like water, cascade down the hillside. The rooflines of each of these buildings are designed to echo the local topography whilst create boulder like forms that disappear in to the hill. Landscaping also being integral to the scheme, not only to blend inside and out but also act as natural screening and privacy. The agreeable climate in the BVI allows us the freedom to live out of doors and this concept needs to be encapsulated within this villa. Architecturally and internally, to take advantage of all the elements the Caribbean has to offer.