about us

Roger Downing and Partner Company Ltd, is a well-respected Architectural and Interior Design firm here in the BVI. Established in 1969 as an Architectural and Engineering Company, RDP has steadily expanded its field to in-corporate Interior Design, which we believe integral to any architectural project. RDP has been involved in Rockresorts at Little Dix Bay Hotel since the early seventies, Peter Island Hotel since 1976, Prospect Estates since 1974 and currently Mosquito Island Interiors. Over the years we have also been responsible for the design and construction of a number of resort, marine and commercial projects as well as substantial luxury private residential complexes.

The Architectural Director, Roger Downing, is a BVI citizen and has lived here for nearly 40 years. He is an active member of the community, sitting on various boards, both governmental and private, in particular the National Parks Trust for 30 years and Vice Chairman for 15, Rotary President and Old Government House Museum board member.The current state of the environment is an obvious concern and we understand that the building industry is largely responsible, putting us in a prime influencing position. However the main drive for sustainable design is its remarkable efficiency and potential beauty, which is finally being realised in this Green Movement. As a designer we need to question our design choices to ensure that products are sourced from sustainable resources, where embodied energy is low, waste levels are minimised and that the product can withstand the extreme conditions of the BVI, whilst still achieving aesthetic results.